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circle•dances (2016, rev. 2020-2023)

organ - 19 min

circle•dances began as a brief collection of holiday-season tunes, but grew into a much bigger project beginning in 2020. I expanded the collection into three books: (i) Advent, (ii) Christmas, and (iii) Epiphany. What used to be a collection of light-hearted pieces became both a more calculated expression and the use of a wider variety of composition techniques than I normally employ. 

In addition, the score is adorned with painstakingly drawn illustrations that allude to the symbols referenced in the history of each tune (or the words associated with them).

Circle dances are types of social dances that are done without the need of partners. It is likely one of, if not the, oldest dance form and would have been used to mark special occasions. One type of circle dance was the French carole, which we now recognize as the origin of  the term "carol". Thus, this collection of carols, hymns, and seasonal tunes can be termed circle dances.

A performance of the early collection given by David Acton at First Congregational Church in Colorado Springs, CO.


the score can be downloaded for free. please note that the music is protected by copyright. if you'd like to play the piece, feel free to get in touch with me here.

Screen Shot 2020-07-18 at 5.30.06 PM.png

this piece was recorded on the Taylor & Boody organ at NorthChurch in Cincinnati, OH.

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